The fingertips of the past
Brush over our lives
Their work unchanging yet
But changeable
For history is an eternal creature
Which contains a human lifespan
In one breath
Let us make this breath laboured
So that the next one may wash
Over an equal society

Notes from the interview that inspired this poem:

This woman had hope that the current momentum of the racial justice movement would continue far into the future. She thought a lot about the history of systemic racism in the United States and how inequalities and injustice do not merely change over time without social pressure to do so. Increased knowledge, love, and diversity in all spaces were important elements of the collective effort she saw as essential to creating true change. She looked forward to a world where cycles of racial injustice were disrupted by these virtues and society could begin to heal from generations of trauma.

Interviewee: Anonymous
Listener Poet: Elle Klassen

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