Positive Reframer Extraordinaire

I thought I was done.
Oh, life!
You didn’t follow the plan.
Turned out you have some more
lessons for me.

Of course
I knew I couldn’t
change other people.
But I’m learning that I can
change me.
I’m in an in-between place right now.
I’ve been stuck in some areas.

Right now,
we’re all in between,
living through this experience
of uncertainty.

I need to connect with myself,
not get sabotaged by worry, loneliness.

My body is teaching me wisdom.
Connecting me to my true self —
intuition, that inner knowing.

We’re all reframing our connections,
while a screen frames our faces.

You and I connected —
even across this screen.

Notes from the interview that inspired this poem:

She was in a period of shifts and personal growth. Before, she had been trying her hardest to do what she could, work as hard as she could. Now, she realized that, while she was appreciative and warm, she had not been as connected to intuition, to her true self. She said she wanted a poem that would show our connection, especially during this time when connections were being reframed, rethought.

Interviewee: Anonymous, Administrator
Listener Poet: Katherine Gekke

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