My New Horse

she is gorgeous
brown, black, white
long mane
long, full tail

we’re having so much fun
in the fields
on the trails
galloping around the pasture

we’re bravely crossing bridges
and facing
our fears

I’m grateful
I’ve got her on track
for getting
all healed up

I’m grateful
she’s got me on track
for getting
all healed up, too

Notes from the interview that inspired this poem:

She grew up with horses, riding. It was a big part of her life and teenage years. Losing her first horse after fourteen years (and too young) was a traumatic experience. After that, she graduated from college and got married. She rode her friends’ horses, never thinking she would own one again. This year, the stars had aligned. She’d found a horse that changed that conviction for her. She decided to once again invest in a relationship, even though it meant facing her fears and knowing she’d eventually have to lose another love. She radiated so much joy and life as she told me about her new horse. “We’ve just been having so much fun together. She is so beautiful, and I’m so proud of how far she’s come. I see now that we’re both facing our fears together. It’s been a very difficult year working in healthcare, but she’s reminding me there is beauty all around us in the world, even when things are hard. She has inspired me to pursue my dreams, even though life is short,” she said. It was clear their bond was a powerful source of healing, light, and learning how to trust–for both of them.

Interviewee: Anonymous, Staff
Listener Poet: Jenny Hegland

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