Strong Winds, Strong Roots

Unity and balance call her to the middle
over and over and over again. Here, the

weather can get rough. Sometimes she feels
unsteady; so many perspectives, opinions,

pushing and pulling, every which way, cause her

to bend and sway. Unprotected, she feels every-

thing from this place. But she is clear-eyed

and wise–the middle is where she thrives.

She does not stand rigid or resist. And just as
the trees rely on the winds to help their roots

grow stronger, so does she.
Grow stronger, so does she.

Notes from the interview that inspired this poem:

“I’ve played the mediator role, all throughout my life,” she said. “I can’t not intervene–it’s something I’ve always been drawn to. I feel most satisfied when others are satisfied, and when there is balance.” She told me that she was able to help bring unity and balance between people in situations where multiple perspectives or opinions were present or competing. “I do this because I can. There is also a cost. It often means my own voice doesn’t get heard. But the truth is I can’t always trust others to listen to my perspective, even when I do share,” she said. She told me that even though there were times this was a hard role to play, she knew it was a unique ability, and her nature as a Libra! But she also worried that this tendency, combined with her empathy, could be a weakness if she didn’t develop a strong enough center herself. “Sometimes it feels like I can easily waiver, but I know I can also learn to be strong and composed from this empathetic position in the middle.” She told me she was committed to continuing to cultivate that strength within herself.

Interviewee: Anonymous, Medical Student
Listener Poet: Jenny Hegland

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