The Way Forward (Bridging Difference)

Many interests play
…….on our differences
……………in an attempt
…………………to pull us apart

I believe we
…….can do better

I believe we
…….can come together

I believe we
…….can be more united

But we have to want it

We have to work hard at it

Each one of us
…….must do our part

Notes from the interview that inspired this poem:

Her third year of medical school had been full of ups and downs, unknowns, and quite a bit of feeling unsafe as she navigated her year of rotations amidst COVID-19. At the same time, she was deeply inspired by seeing so many medical professionals working tirelessly to help their patients. She wanted to contribute to the solution, in part, by helping to correct misinformation. “I believe we have the power to choose how to read situations, and I believe in the power of listening to help with divisiveness,” she said. She told me she had been practicing this with her parents as she was both helping to educate them on the science to keep them motivated in the home stretch of the pandemic, but also learning how to listen more to understand where they (and others) were coming from. “For me, it’s about putting lives first. I know we can be more united, but we have to want it and work hard for it,” she said. I got the sense she was deeply committed to doing her part.

Interviewee: Anonymous, Medical Student
Listener Poet: Jenny Hegland

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