When the overscheduled noise
of the world ceased
And the wound up clutter
of traffic cleared
I let go of petty mundane things

I wear more hats now but it is different
I moved from my comfort zone
and the world opened to me

A doorway to nature’s wonder!
Beauty and tranquility in –
…..camping and hiking
…..time with my daughter
…..and friends
………and myself

My heart opened to others –
…..the suffering
…..the less fortunate

There is so much to be grateful for
so much joy in little things

And when anti-Asian sentiment
Squeezes the country
I am held in my calm mind
Reminded that life is short
And this journey, eternal

Can I hold the gifts of this year, forever?

Notes from the interview that inspired this poem:

Outside Boston, she was home from her work as a dermatology assistant. Her six-year-old daughter had been writing poems in class, and she wanted to share some of her experience in poetry. “She’s my cuddly bug, super smart, my sunshine,’ she told me. Her daughter exclaimed in the background, “I love you!”

Interviewee: Anonymous, Physician Assistant
Listener Poet: Elizabeth Pringle

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