My New House

My new house is tiny ‘n cute, but we’re just getting
to know each other. So far, it fits me and what I need–

only two bedrooms, but enough room for the kids to visit.
And two bathtubs! (I love a good soak) The bigger one

cracked, so I’m relegated to the inferior tub, until
the other gets fixed. With the weather the way it’s been,

my pipes froze; three days–no water. Several holes in
drywall later, it’s back. We’re insulating everything–

well! There’s no gas to the fireplace; that’s next
on the list. After twenty years in our family home

where the kids grew up, it’s nice to have space just
right for me ‘n the dog. He saved me, emotionally.

He loves me with great intensity; hates everyone else
with the same intensity. He’s got a room where he can

roam; a yard to run. It’s the first time I’ve been able

to choose everything, exactly as I want it. In this house

and in my life, I’m surrounded by so much love; I feel
so much joy. I’m grateful to have this haven for healing.

Notes from the interview that inspired this poem:

“I’ve just moved to a new, tiny house,” she said, “It’s just me and the dog. It fits me and what I need.” Her dog was a rescue and had behavioral challenges that made it difficult to do a lot of things with him, but they had developed a very strong bond. She told me they moved from her family home of twenty years, to this new house that was very close to her work. It had just enough room for her (adult) kids and their partners to stay. The cold weather had caused a lot of problems in the house since she moved in, including frozen water pipes. Luckily, a friend recommended a great plumber who became her go-to-guy. She told me she didn’t bring much from her old house, and was eager for her new furniture to arrive. She was starting a new chapter, and was grateful to be surrounded by a lot of love and joy in her life.

Interviewee: Anonymous, Medical Educator
Listener Poet: Jenny Hegland

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