The Song and The Breath

Breath bestows a voice to song,
But song was in the air,
Then captured by the wings
That beat as long as they could bear.
As beauty is carried in body,
So song is carried in breath;
In time, when breath has ceased then, know
The song has already left.

Alexander Thomas
Medical Student

Here – An Ode to Parenting the “OTHER”

We are the brea (d) th of Evolution, Creation and The Divine.
Generations before us, molded this For-Ever-ness of Us. Thriving, excelling, and flourishing. We Breathe.
Carving Tomorrows. Creating Flourish. For those who come after Us.
“Here. We are still. Here.”

Adwoa Osei, MD FAAP
Faculty Member

The Beauty of a Shared Moment

“The treatment isn’t working anymore” I say.
“That’s quite alright.” she says.
“Would you like to see the chaplain?”
“Later.” A tear runs down her cheek. “Can you pray with me?”
I’ve never been religious, but I sit down, hold her hand, close my eyes and let the peace silence brings wash over us.

Onyebuchi Okeke
Medical Student

For Once

For Once, I take a
Moment for our nature.
To see stories unspoken
Behind smiling eyes.
To finally forget
The lip’s wasted language
and other luxuries.

For once I find myself
In meditation
Observing human harmony
Within the realm of discord.

For once
I take a moment for myself
To take in the natural world.

John Newman
Medical Student


We pray before dawn
Preparing our walk along the Rippowam
Protect us, protect our child, give us strength

Holding coffee and hands
We turn quietly up Broad
Protect us, protect our child, give us peace

We kiss before masking
I follow her tired eyes and growing womb
Protect her, protect our child, help us all

Ethan McGann
Medical Student

Did my grandmother send her?

Two girls were born on the same day
thousands of miles apart. They grew up speaking Spanish.
Thirty years later, CoVID and pregnancy would bring them to meet across an ICU window.
Over shared prayers and a rosary;
finally – a crying baby at home with his mom.
It’s our birthday this week.

Diana Robles

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